12 novembro, 2016

Souleye lança seu novo single e vídeo "Follow Your Heart"

Souleye lança novo single "Follow your Heart"confia o áudio, vídeo e letra abaixo!

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Follow Your Heart Lyrics
By Souleye

Danger angers not danger /
I'm no stranger with the Extreme /
Exaggerated there's nothing left /
Wait there's a whole bunch /
Think of the sand in exotic lands /
Full moon check the moon shine /
Off of the ocean floor /
In love with Canada truly the trinity /
No amateur arms extended /
Send them out no vengeance /
I'm a comic a book /
Beam me up it's hypnotic /
Double Handed man the canvas /
It’s all night like Midas six am the tides out /
Eight mile jog before the caffeine hits /
Wake up celebration of life /
Never retreat eggs crack Halloween /
Now that's a knee slapper the irresistible /
Make it simple when things seem difficult /
Remove some syllables watch your fingers /
Run across the water like a miracle /

Follow your heart
And keep your head up

As the wind forms the clouds /
New paintings take shape /
May the rough get smooth /
And the smooth get rough /
Everything will be ok as the sail boat sails away /
And the dreams of our children manifest fully /
Let your body stretch out activate /
Toward acceptance interdependence /
I pledge allegiance to giving and receiving /
Who's the lucky winner on the price of desire /
Earth wind and fire my thumb presses tightly /
Up against my index and my middle /
While my pinky and my ring finger close in /
That's the mudra that I use /
When I'm in self discovery mode ancient /
Is the way that I flow mysteriously /
As I travel through time space continuum /
Convincing evidence is not needed /
For me to life my life beyond survival /
Arriving at the home of thriving /
Welcome to the King and the Queen dome /


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