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30 agosto, 2013

Mario Treadway "Souleye" divulga nova música

Mario Treadway "Souleye" divulga nova música intitulada de On & On, confira a música e letra abaixo!

ON & ON off Souleye's album IRON HORSE RUNNING

No matter how clear the vision or distorted /
No matter if it’s saved or never was recorded /
All aboard the mother ship / Impulse so important /
A soldier takes notice to their orders or aborts them /
Suppress your anger for awhile see what happens /
Pain or passion / rewire poverty to fullness /
Once done consider it new fresh /
Walk up the street with a bounce in my step /
Focus like a hawk / Feel the energy of eagles /
I am an animal inside of this wonderful world /
Took a cup shook it up /
To stimulate the sediment /
Never Settling for less then the best /
To paint a picture of a blue sky family crest /
Victimized cry wolf, hide and seek /
As the sky is falling /
Stars lasting longer then they have in the past /
I fall asleep wake up teacher sleeping in class /
And if the apple’s gone rotten /
There are more out in the orchard /
Scarecrows following each through the courses /
And fertilizer’s good for the earth see she’s fertile /
Thankful for the daily rebirth a new borne attitude /
Chorus :
So on and on I keep on going /
Dreaming, thinking, believing, Knowing /
And on and on I keep on growing /
Standing Awaken born in the moment /
And on and on I keep on going /
Dreaming, thinking, believing, Knowing /
And on and on I keep on Growing /
Standing Awaken born in the moment /
Who’s that knock knocking on your door /
Open up the window / Calling up the kin folk /
Climbing up the ladder / I can hear the pitter patter /
Playing in the puddle outside with the masses /
A whole school of fish swimming / With intelligence /
Enough to keep the circle together /
I’m skipping rocks across the water /
Land marks mechanical / My chemical make up /
Be that of Jacobs ladder / I’m not afraid to call it back /
Swing batter / rush the Heavily gates /
Saw a picture in the sky before it was written
You talking DNA a UFO conspiracy /
I dig my fingers underneath the ground /
Work to see what I can find / And through this lens /
I’m steady and ready to move along /
What once was, always is / But some times seems gone /
Dialogue at the corner stone with the colony /
Enough sun vitamin light provide clarity /
I am a magnet to life yes the chain reaction /
A tiger in the wilderness / A full experience /
Provide pressure to the accurate points /
The infinite choice to choose that’s what I enjoy /
Repeat Chorus

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